Time and time again, dental practices use the term “the perfect smile” as a way of guaranteeing a standard of quality. However, at Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood TN, we understand that this idea is arbitrary at best. Of course all of us want a healthy, attractive smile! But what does “perfect” even mean? This is why our team focuses on patient-centric analysis and treatment. Below, we have outlined the core concepts we follow when designing your smile.

Initial Analysis

At our practice, before any procedure is even attempted, a thorough set of diagnostic tools is used to asses your smile and gather information about your dental health. This initial analysis helps guide us in designing a smile that works for you! Together with your dentist, you will come up with a treatment plan based on your own unique circumstances.

Emphasizing a Natural Look

While other dental practices will insist on adhering to their “signature look,” our dental professionals try to emphasize natural beauty. The goal is to balance the restoration of your smile’s less desirable aspects with a natural look that doesn’t scream: “I just had work done!”

Delivering Customized Smiles

We focus on delivering customized smiles to our patients. But what does that mean? Is it another meaningless marketing term like “perfect smile?” Far from it. We find that most of our patients don’t want Hollywood results. They don’t want to show up to the barbecue and have everyone notice their new teeth. They want a smile that feels like it was always there. But they also want to see results! This is what customized smiles are all about: walking that fine line between improving what you already have, and keeping your dental work subtle.

Check out our smile gallery to see the results for yourself! Cosmetic dentistry at our practice can change lives. If you want attractive teeth that look like they grew that way, or you’ve ever wished your smile had been dealt a better hand, request an appointment now!  At Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood TN, we will get you smiling again.

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