white fillings in nashvilleAre you suffering from a dull toothache that has lasted for weeks? Then you may have a cavity that needs immediate attention. Many patients in Nashville try to ignore the pain, but the longer you wait to treat a cavity the worse the damage to your teeth will be. Don’t wait around for it to magically get better on its own. Come see an experienced dentist who can treat your tooth and help you manage the pain.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Back in the day, when your parents went to the dentist for a cavity, a dentist would give them amalgam fillings to restore their teeth. Amalgam fillings were the most advanced treatment available at the time, but with advanced general dentistry, we now have several restoration options, such as white fillings in Nashville that will match the color of your teeth. Patients no longer have to be embarrassed by splotches of silver in their smile due to amalgam fillings. With white fillings in Nashville, patients can eat, smile, and laugh without ever having to be worried about the aesthetic appearance of their smile. White fillings in Nashville are made from a special composite of safe materials that will blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. These fillings will not only improve the appearance of your smile, but they will also improve the structure of your damaged teeth.

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