What To Know About Teeth Whitening In Tennessee

There are many considerations that a person should make before committing to teeth whitening.  Would you want to whiten your teeth and then have one of your front teeth darker than the rest?  This could happen if you had a dental crown in the front because crowns will not react the same to the bleaching materials as your natural teeth.  This is why it is important to visit your qualified Tennessee dentist rather than a boutique at the mall.  Your cosmetic dentist can help you decide if bleaching will help your stained teeth.  There are many stains that teeth whitening will have not impact.  This is going to save you money and frustration. Here’s a list of things to consider before you get your teeth whitened:

  • Do you have a gummy smile that you dislike? Bleaching your teething will make a greater contrast with your gums and thus make them stand out.
  • Has your tooth had a root canal performed on it? Root canals can cause a tooth to discolor and unfortunately bleaching won’t change that.
  • Do you have exposed roots? These surfaces don’t tend to whiten very effectively.  You may need to choose a different cosmetic procedure such as porcelain veneers.
  • Do you have veneers, crowns or bridges? Any of these will not bleach the same as your natural teeth and so you may need to replace these at the end of whitening to make them match.


To ensure that you get the safest and most aesthetic results, visit your cosmetic dentist.  Dr. Dennis Wells  is highly trained to help you figure out what is cosmetically the most ideal for your smile.