Don’t let the fear or anxiety of dental work prevent you from getting the dental assistance you need. Below are some of the things you can expect from your sedation dental visit.

Your Sedation Dentistry Appointment

Sedation is Safe: 

Sedation is not the same as anesthesia, so it does not carry the same level of incapacitation, nor after-effects. Because a patient is not fully unconscious as in anesthesia, there is typically less recovery time, with less sense of amnesia experienced. Because a patient is mostly conscious during sedation, breathing and reflexes operate normally, with an additional benefit of providing some extra risk protection against heart conditions, strokes and stress levels.

Quicker Appointments: 

It’s common for patients to delay their dental work, because of conflicts or limitations with their work schedules. A benefit of using sedation is that, due to the relaxing effects, a dentist may be able to complete even more of the required procedures into a single visit. The minor effect of amnesia from sedation can add to the impression that work was done quickly, while also providing the additional relaxation to make the procedures go smoothly.

Easy on Your Body:

Dental sedation tends to relax any painful neck or back muscles and helps patients to sit still for long periods much easier without anxiety or discomfort.


As mentioned above when describing the effects of sedation, there is indeed some sense of amnesia after it wears off, although not near the level created by general anesthesia. Although most patients have mostly a sense of “grogginess,” some patients actually can lose the memory of the entire procedure and dental visit, which can be a positive for some.

More Effective with Less Pain:

Since the sedation causes such great relaxation effects, a sedation dentist can likely work quicker and more thoroughly than if a patient is not sedated. Tolerance to pain is somewhat increased, as anxiety decreases and relaxation sets in, which is a plus during involved procedures, and a local anesthetic may be administered as well, for complete pain relief.

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