Teeth Whitening NashvilleAre you interested in improving your smile with cosmetic dentistry, but don’t want to try anything too invasive? If you would like to enhance your smile, one of the most cost-effective and least invasive dental procedures is teeth whitening.

Patients in the Nashville area who try teeth whitening are very pleased with how easy the procedure is and how stunning the results are. With a variety of whitening options, there’s never been a better time to try professional tooth whitening.

When you undergo teeth whitening, it’s important to remember to talk to your Nashville dentist Dr. Dennis Wells first. If you have existing dental work, such as dental crowns or porcelain veneers, they will respond differently to whitening than your natural teeth. Dr. Wells will give you the best advice about how to whiten all of your teeth consistently.

Some patients enjoy the flexibility of take home tooth whitening while others prefer to do in-office tooth whitening. Take home teeth whitening trays are available for patients to do teeth whitening on their own time with a schedule that works best for them. This option is often less expensive, but may take longer to see results. Our in-office whitening system involves Dr. Wells coating your teeth with whitening gel and then curing it with a special activating light. This process usually takes about an hour and the results are instant.

All cosmetic dental patients have different needs for their smiles. Be sure to talk to Nashville dentist Dr. Dennis Wells to see which whitening option would work best for you. Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS is located at: 105 Powell Ct Ste 101, Brentwood, TN 37027 and we can be reached by calling 615-371-8878 .