Are you missing a tooth? Tooth loss can affect your talking ability and chewing capability, in addition to your appearance. Gum disease, injury, and tooth decay can all contribute to tooth loss and its negative effects. If you have a missing tooth, it is crucial that you see Brentwood cosmetic dentist Dr. Dennis Wells right away to discuss tooth replacement options. When tooth gaps are ignored, serious oral health issues can occur which lead to more restorative and cosmetic dentistry down the road.

Brentwood cosmetic dentist Dr. Dennis Wells offers two main types of tooth replacement to restore your smile: a dental implant or a dental bridge. A dental implant restores your tooth root with a metal rod that anchors a beautiful dental crown, which replicates the missing tooth. Because both the tooth root and tooth are replaced, your gums and bone stay healthy and strong, giving proper chewing support to your new tooth!

Dental bridges literally “bridge” the tooth gap with a tooth restoration that is supported by the two adjacent teeth. While a dental bridge does not offer the same longevity and chewing support as a dental implant, it is an excellent option if a dental implant won’t work for you.

To see if you qualify for a dental implant, a dental bridge, or another tooth restoration option, contact Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Dennis Wells.