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The way your smile looks affects your confidence and how often you share your smile with other people. Before we begin any procedure, our team focuses on how we can help your smile reflect your own unique inner beauty. At our practice in Brentwood Tennessee, we try to avoid metal and amalgam fillings to fix cavities. Our fillings use a special composite made with only tooth colored materials that will blend perfectly with your natural teeth.
Amalgam and metal fillings stand out and draw unwanted attention to your teeth. With tooth colored fillings, we let the focus stay on the beauty of your natural smile. Tooth colored fillings are completely safe and feel comfortable. With our tooth colored fillings, you’ll be able to protect your teeth from damage without worrying about the harmful effects that metal might have on your teeth or overall health.
For tooth damage that requires more than a filling, we also offer restorative options, including porcelain crowns and dental onlays.

Porcelain Crowns and Onlays

While the “main players” in the smile are important, we recognize the importance of the “supporting cast” in the back of the mouth. Many of our clients are interested in upgrading old dental crowns or metal fillings in order to improve both the cosmetics and health of their smile.
Onlays and inlays can replace a small portion, or cusp of your tooth after your tooth has suffered from cavities or other damage. Our onlays and inlays will be custom-made by our cosmetic dentist at Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS, who is known for his attention to detail and regard to both function and aesthetics.

The Onlays and Inlays Procedure

Our two-step process for inlays and onlays begins with preparation of the tooth, including removal of any old restoration and hidden decay underneath.
  • Temporary onlay restorations are placed as an interim while the onlays are being designed
  • The second visit involves bonding the onlay or inlay restorations in place and fine-tuning the bite
The final result is something that looks and feels like your natural tooth.
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Asya Branch Miss USA 2020
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“As a dentist, my smile is obviously very important to me. Dr. Wells has pioneered and created a way to enhance many smiles, including mine, without doing any damage to the teeth. I now understand first-hand the joy my patients feel with their new smiles!”


Dentist, Owner of Accent Smile Center, Triathlete

“Dr. Dennis Wells is the master of design when it comes to creating THE perfect smile. It’s truly one of the greatest gifts I was able to give myself. Never underestimate the power of a smile, it can literally change your life!”


Best-selling author of "Change Your Home, Change Your Life, TV host and style expert, Renowned interior designer
Asya Branch

Dr. Wells and his staff welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning. I shared my insecurities within my smile, and Dr. Wells worked tediously to help perfect my smile. I appreciate the time and energy spent to create the confident smile that I had longed for. The care and patience that I received were top notch. Because of Dr. Wells I was able to smile brightly and confidently for all to see as I graced the Miss USA stage. Thank you, Dr. Wells for taking the time to give me the most natural looking beautiful smile.

Asya Branch

Miss USA 2020

“Even though I’ve always loved to smile, I used to be self-conscious because of my uneven teeth. Thanks to Dr. Wells, I now have total confidence in my smile in any situation; photos, videos, or on stage. Dr. Wells is a true artist!”


Country recording artist, Grammy-nominated songwriter, 4 Top Ten Songs, Named on “Hottest Bachelor” Lists for People and Country Weekly Magazine
Marlon Mccorvey

As a sales professional, it's important that my smile always looks its best. When I decided to make some improvements, I wanted to keep my teeth looking natural. Dr. Wells was able to deliver the detailed, artistic results that were just right for me. Now, I'm even more confident when presenting to my customers.

Marlon Mccorvey

Pharmaceutical Sales Leader

Whether I’m singing on stage, having a photo session, or simply having a conversation with someone, it’s important that I feel comfortable. Dr. Wells has restored my confidence with my smile. He is hands down THE BEST!”


Recording artist, songwriter

“With a career in front of the camera, my smile plays a big role in telling ‘the story.’ Dr. Wells is the only dentist I trust to help give me the confidence to smile bigger than ever and always be ‘camera ready.”


TV personality, Producer/writer/reporter and “mom”, One of Nashville Lifestyles’ 25 Most Beautiful People 2009
Angelisa Proserpi

“I chose Dr. Wells for my new smile because of his outstanding artistic talent. He understands that no two smiles are the same, and he designed mine to be just right for me."

Angelisa Proserpi

Miss Maryland Teen USA 1993, Owner of Artistry SPASALON

“I have smiled all of my life, but was embarrassed of my teeth. I was very skeptical of veneers but when I heard about DURAthins I knew this was the answer! Since I have had my DURAthins, I have never smiled so big! I always knew that my wedding day would be special, but the smile that was on my face that day was priceless.”


Michelle Poe

“My smile is a big part of my business. Dr. Wells is the best in the business in creating beautiful smiles.”

Michelle Poe

Of the country music duo Burns and Poe, Bass guitar player and former Dreamworks recording artist
  • liz lewis ★★★★★ a week ago
    Words could never truly express our appreciation for Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry. There are no better experts at their craft, than Dr. Wells and Dr. … More Weese. Their reputations are unmatched. They deliver exemplary results, and treat everyone with kindness and individualized attention. The support staff is equally excellent, attentive, and makes sure you have the best experience possible.
    We consider it a huge blessing to have them caring for us.
  • Jacquelyn Marushka ★★★★★ 2 months ago
    Dr Monroe and Ozzy (and prep team Denise and Stephanie) were AMAZING. Dr Monroe was kind, thorough, and he and Ozzy advised me of everything they did before … More they did it. I felt like I was getting a spa treatment as opposed to a dental treatment. I have to say that coming to the dentist is now NOT a scary experience. I highly recommend this ACE team. They’re the very best in Nashville … and they serve up the best post-treatment smoothies!
  • Maurilio Amorim ★★★★★ a week ago
    Not only Dr. Wells and his team are world renown for their aesthetic work, they are also the most hospitable and kind dental office I have ever visit. … More
    While most people dread visits to the dentist, I look forward to mine. Dr. Wells is famous for working on some of the most famous smiles in the world, I.e. Dolly Pardon, Nicole Kidman, and so many others.
    Even though I'm not a star, I feel like one every visit. I feel special from being greeted by Stephanie to the protein smoothie I get on my way out.