Time For A Nashville Extreme MakeoverWhen you see an old car on the street with a rusty hood and peeling paint, you would naturally assume that the motor on the inside is in similar condition. Unfortunately, this is human nature to make assumptions on appearances. Likewise, similar assumptions are made based on the state of our smiles. Thankfully, there are highly skilled cosmetic dentists, such as Dr. Dennis Wells DDS, who can give you an extreme makeover for your smile. Dr. Wells is also very skilled at making small changes to help you perfect your smile the way you desire. So what exactly can Dr. Wells do for you?

Porcelain Veneers: This procedure can make extreme changes in a smile. Dental veneers are sometimes referred to as instant braces because they can even make a straight mouth from mildly crooked teeth. If you are unhappy about the way your teeth look or have many chips on your front teeth, this may be the perfect cosmetic dental procedure for you

Teeth Whitening: When you look in the mirror, do you feel like your teeth are just too yellow or brown for your satisfaction? If this is true for you, then don’t live with it anymore. With one dental office visit, you can whiten your teeth by several shades. Tooth whitening has become very reasonable and efficient. It is definitely worth at least talking to your doctor about the different options available for you.

Replace Missing Teeth: If you are missing a tooth in a prominent position, then a dental implant is the most conservative and cosmetic solution. By getting a dental implant, you can avoid a dental bridge which requires dental work on the adjacent teeth to make room for the restoration. Make sure to talk to your dentist about dental implants if you have a missing tooth.

If you are in a profession that requires abundant personal contact, a beautiful smile can go long way to instantly gain more confidence with those that you work with. You would be surprised at just how much a smile can do. Dr. Dennis J. Wells DDS is an experienced cosmetic dentist and has been trusted by many celebrities because of his skill level. By setting up a consultation with Nashville Center For Aesthetic Dentistry, you can feel sure that your teeth are in good hands.