(Nashville, Tenn.) – Every day millions of women indulge in the latest diets, exercise fads and cosmetics just to look younger. But how many women think of their smile when attempting to restore their youth? A beautiful smile is one of the very first things people notice and it can make a woman look both younger and healthier. So stop all of the latest trends for now and let your smile be the answer to looking and feeling your best.

Nashville dentist, Dr. Dennis Well, is helping women across the country achieve the look they’ve always dreamed of. As founder of Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS and dentist to some of Nashville’s most popular country music stars, Dr. Wells can transform almost any smile into a healthier, natural appearance.

“Having a beautiful smile is just as important as staying fit and having great skin,” said Dr. Wells. “I have worked on women who now look ten years younger with the help of cosmetic dentistry.”

Utilizing the latest in dental technology, Dr. Wells creates smiles that are natural and fitting for each and every individual. Time is spent customizing a plan for each smile using various nuances in colors, contours, and shapes. Focusing on restorative dentistry, Dr. Wells gives special attention to detail and quality with procedures including porcelain veneers, crowns, bridges, and composite fillings. A beautiful, younger smile can be achieved in just a few short weeks.

Dr. Wells knows first hand that creating beautiful, natural smiles can change lives—he will be starring in an episode of the national hit TV show Extreme Makeover this season. One of only four dentists nationwide, Dr. Wells was invited by ABC to join the Extreme Makeover professional team and to be featured on the hit TV show.