Our Approach
To Smiles

Customized Smiles in Nashville

Every smile is as unique and individual as the person who owns it. For this reason, the cosmetic dentists at Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS in Brentwood spend the time to customize the plan for your smile so the end result can meet your goals and exceed your expectations. Before beginning any treatment, we will encourage you to allow us to complete a comprehensive study of your oral health and aesthetics. A thorough set of diagnostic tools will be used to gather information about your smile, your gums, and your teeth. These tools will also provide ways to communicate with you about the possibilities for your smile.

Emulating Natural Beauty

There are many ways to approach cosmetic dental treatment. Some cosmetic dentists across the nation have become known for their “signature smiles” and certain “looks” for their clients. Perhaps you’ve even seen some smiles that are obviously created by a dental technician, and look fake or contrived.

In contrast, we believe in imitating natural beauty. In nature, no two smiles are alike, and there are no “cookie cutter” teeth. We have done extensive studies of naturally beautiful smiles, and have become known by other cosmetic dentists for our efforts to produce enhanced smiles that look very natural.

We find that most of our clients are not looking for a perfect, Hollywood result. Instead, they prefer a smile that looks natural and undetectable. This approach is highly technical and combines precision with artistic ability. We use various nuances in colors, contours, and shapes to replicate naturally beautiful teeth. The result can be a confident, beautiful smile that looks like it grew there.

Cosmetic Smile Design

We are probably best known for the ways we can enhance smiles by restoring teeth to a beautiful appearance. You can be confident under the care of the expert cosmetic dentists at Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS. With over 30 years of experience in the field of cosmetic dentistry, we can be your consultants and help you discover the benefits of a beautiful, confident smile.

Restoring Back Teeth

Other restorations, such as fillings, dental crowns and bridges are provided to ensure that the entire dental presentation is healthy, beautiful and natural-looking. Many of our clients have made the wise decision to consider a proactive approach to their dental care, upgrading old dentistry into metal-free bonded restorations.

Professional Dental Cleanings and Exams

Our world-class dental hygienists will welcome the opportunity to partner with you in providing routine dental care on a consistent basis. We know how important regular care is to the health of your teeth and gum tissue. More and more, our health-conscious patients are becoming aware of the importance of dental health and the link between periodontal disease and their overall health.

Healthy Gums

Healthy Gums Not only do our hygienists provide excellent preventive care, but they are also equipped to identify, monitor, and verify the elimination of pathogenic bacteria that are the source of periodontal disease. We are proud to provide our clients with this state of the art approach to dental health.

We at Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS want to become your dental health partner. Whether you need general dentistry care or an extreme makeover using our cosmetic dentistry experience and expertise, give us a call in Brentwood, Tennessee or fill out the form on this page and we will contact you.

Ashley Ancher
Asya Branch Miss USA 2020
Alexandra Harper
Asya Branch

Dr. Wells and his staff welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning. I shared my insecurities within my smile, and Dr. Wells worked tediously to help perfect my smile. I appreciate the time and energy spent to create the confident smile that I had longed for. The care and patience that I received were top notch. Because of Dr. Wells I was able to smile brightly and confidently for all to see as I graced the Miss USA stage. Thank you, Dr. Wells for taking the time to give me the most natural looking beautiful smile.

Asya Branch

Miss USA 2020
Michelle Poe

“My smile is a big part of my business. Dr. Wells is the best in the business in creating beautiful smiles.”

Michelle Poe

Of the country music duo Burns and Poe, Bass guitar player and former Dreamworks recording artist

“As a dentist, my smile is obviously very important to me. Dr. Wells has pioneered and created a way to enhance many smiles, including mine, without doing any damage to the teeth. I now understand first-hand the joy my patients feel with their new smiles!”


Dentist, Owner of Accent Smile Center, Triathlete

“I have smiled all of my life, but was embarrassed of my teeth. I was very skeptical of veneers but when I heard about DURAthins I knew this was the answer! Since I have had my DURAthins, I have never smiled so big! I always knew that my wedding day would be special, but the smile that was on my face that day was priceless.”



“With a career in front of the camera, my smile plays a big role in telling ‘the story.’ Dr. Wells is the only dentist I trust to help give me the confidence to smile bigger than ever and always be ‘camera ready.”


TV personality, Producer/writer/reporter and “mom”, One of Nashville Lifestyles’ 25 Most Beautiful People 2009
Marlon Mccorvey

As a sales professional, it's important that my smile always looks its best. When I decided to make some improvements, I wanted to keep my teeth looking natural. Dr. Wells was able to deliver the detailed, artistic results that were just right for me. Now, I'm even more confident when presenting to my customers.

Marlon Mccorvey

Pharmaceutical Sales Leader

“Dr. Dennis Wells is the master of design when it comes to creating THE perfect smile. It’s truly one of the greatest gifts I was able to give myself. Never underestimate the power of a smile, it can literally change your life!”


Best-selling author of "Change Your Home, Change Your Life, TV host and style expert, Renowned interior designer
Angelisa Proserpi

“I chose Dr. Wells for my new smile because of his outstanding artistic talent. He understands that no two smiles are the same, and he designed mine to be just right for me."

Angelisa Proserpi

Miss Maryland Teen USA 1993, Owner of Artistry SPASALON

“Even though I’ve always loved to smile, I used to be self-conscious because of my uneven teeth. Thanks to Dr. Wells, I now have total confidence in my smile in any situation; photos, videos, or on stage. Dr. Wells is a true artist!”


Country recording artist, Grammy-nominated songwriter, 4 Top Ten Songs, Named on “Hottest Bachelor” Lists for People and Country Weekly Magazine

Whether I’m singing on stage, having a photo session, or simply having a conversation with someone, it’s important that I feel comfortable. Dr. Wells has restored my confidence with my smile. He is hands down THE BEST!”


Recording artist, songwriter
  • Stephen Ashcraft ★★★★★ 3 months ago
    When you visit Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, you will leave with the smile of your life. Dr. Wells and all the staff will see to it.
    As always,
    … More Nashville Center of Aesthetic Dentistry were 100% professional. My dental hygiene has been perfect since working with these professionals. They are so proactive, identifying a early cavity, and being able to arrest it without having to have a filling.
  • John Oates ★★★★★ a month ago
    Thank you Dennis and Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry team! I consider you to not only be the most professionally operated dentistry around, but … More your expertise, personal engagement and genuinely "being there" for me everytime I've needed you- no matter how last minute.. You always make it your priority to take care of me. I am grateful for the incredible work you do and especially the friendship we share. JO
  • Carolyn Jones ★★★★★ 2 weeks ago
    Dr. Wells and Dr. Weese are the BEST! Once you go here you will never go anywhere else. Everyone is so nice and it’s always a great experience. They … More have always taken great care of me and I’m very grateful.