The Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry realizes there are many choices among cosmetic dentistry procedures, and they can seem overwhelming. Perhaps you’ve heard about veneers, and how well they can improve your smile. But, then you became nervous when you realized that some enamel (even though it’s a very small amount) will be removed for their placement. Is there another option?

If you don’t want enamel removed, then think about prepless veneers. DURAthin veneers & Micro-thin veneers are custom-made of porcelain that will enhance your smile just like regular porcelain veneers. The difference is that none of your natural enamel is removed. Depending on your teeth and smile issues, we will examine you to see if you qualify for DURAthin veneers or Micro-thin veneers. Then we’ll design the porcelain to go on top of your teeth without doing any drilling.

Usually, people who have had teeth extracted for orthodontic reasons in the past can be great candidates for this procedure. We have also used prepless veneers to ‘turn back the clock’ for people with small or worn teeth, giving them a more youthful smile.

We will need to examine you and your smile before we can determine which method will get you the best results. But with the expert team at the Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS, you’re sure to smile at the outcome.

At Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS – Dennis J. Wells, DDS, our incredible dental team will consult with you on the best way to improve your smile. We can also discuss other cosmetic dentistry options, such as dental crowns, and implant dentistry. We look forward to seeing you in our office.

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