Brentwood Cosmetic Dentistry Helps Improve Dental and Overall HealthDid you know that replacing missing teeth and restoring good oral health could ultimately prevent much more significant health problems from arising? Gum disease is known to be the leading cause of tooth loss. According to a survey done by the American Dental Association and Colgate in 1996, U.S. dentists say gum disease is a more pressing oral health concern than tooth decay by a 2-to-1 margin. If you have experienced tooth loss, it is critical that you see Brentwood cosmetic dentist Dr. Dennis Wells right away to determine the cause of your tooth loss and to replace your teeth with dental implants. If your tooth loss was caused by gum disease, and it is ignored, your gum disease and missing teeth can lead to much more serious health issues.

According to the American Academy of Periodontology, “Researchers have found that people with periodontal disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease as those without periodontal disease.” Research also links gum disease to respiratory diseases, low birthweight babies, stroke, osteoporosis, and diabetes. Clearly, preserving your dental health affects more than just your mouth.

The best way to prevent gum disease and tooth loss is good oral hygiene. Daily brushing and flossing, along with regular dental cleanings, help to keep bacteria and plaque from building up and weakening your teeth and gums. If you have already experienced tooth loss from periodontal disease, the first step to restoring dental health is to schedule an appointment with the team at Nashville Center For Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood. In addition to helping you restore good oral hygiene habits, we can replace your missing teeth with dental implants to keep your gums and bone healthy and strong in the future. Replacing your teeth with tooth implants is an important step in preventing further gum disease, and ultimately further general health issues.

To learn more about the benefits of implant dentistry, contact Nashville Center For Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood today to schedule an initial consultation with extreme makeover dentist Dr. Dennis Wells.