A cosmetic dental restoration is an investment that you want to protect and preserve for as long as possible. Cosmetic dental treatments like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, DURAthin veneers, and dental crowns can have long-lasting benefits that affect almost every aspect of your life. Having a smile you are proud about increases self-confidence and contributes to a more striking first impression for those you meet.


The life span of a cosmetic dental restoration (i.e. dental crown, porcelain veneer, dental implant, etc.) is greatly impacted by how well it is cared for. No matter how precisely a cosmetic dental restoration is placed, it cannot make up for lack of good oral care after the procedure. Nashville cosmetic dentist Dr. Dennis Wells will tell you beforehand what the expected lifespan of your specific dental restoration should be. Some restorations like dental implants can last up to a lifetime, while other restorations like dental crowns or porcelain veneers need to be replaced about every 7-10 years. However, restorations tend to last longer when they are well cared for.


One of the most important factors in lengthening the life of your cosmetic dental restoration is good oral hygiene. Taking a few extra minutes out of your day to floss and brush your teeth prevents plaque from building up and weakening your gums and new teeth. Regular dental check-ups are important so that Dr. Dennis Wells can ensure that your cosmetic dental restoration is working properly and that your teeth are professionally cleaned. Keep in mind that poor eating habits can also contribute to a shortened lifespan of a restoration. Taking the time and effort to properly care for your cosmetic dental restoration can save you money on a replacement and contribute to a higher quality of life.


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