Porcelain tooth crowns are commonly used in cosmetic dentistry, and Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS – Dr. Dennis Wells can provide you with the answers you need. Dentists use them to put a final “crown” on a tooth or dental implant, and they bond them with dental cement for a secure, and long-lasting fit. Dental crowns are an excellent choice to treat broken teeth or those with large cavities. They can also be helpful to fix issues such as uneven teeth and discoloration. Older materials used to make tooth crowns have included silver, gold, platinum, and tin, but today porcelain is the top choice for its durability and appearance.

Porcelain advantages

Although metal crowns are still an option in many dental offices, porcelain crowns have advantages over metal. Some of these include:

  • Appearance – Porcelain crowns are tooth-colored and blend in almost invisibly with natural teeth. Their more natural appearance is extremely helpful for patients who require dental work in the front of their mouths.
  • Natural – Along with appearance, porcelain dental crowns also feel more natural than other options. A dentist can custom-design crowns to fit the shape and appearance of a patient’s natural teeth.
  • Durability –Porcelain crowns are nearly as strong as natural tooth enamel, which is one of the hardest materials on the human body and they can withstand years of wear.

Porcelain crowns have many more advantages over the metal versions, in feel, form, and function and are one of the best choices for repairing certain dental issues. Patients will no longer need to feel embarrassed by their smile due to metal crowns, decay, or missing teeth when a dental professional uses porcelain crowns as a dental treatment. If you have minor cosmetic dental issues, it’s time to consult a dentist about restoring your smile with porcelain crowns.

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