Cosmetic laser dentist Nashville TNDental lasers are finding their way into everyday clinical use even at Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS – Dr. Dennis Wells. Cosmetic dentists have known their advantages for years. They provide numerous advantages including the ability to shape, contour, and reestablish healthy gingiva with less bleeding; make final impressions the same time as treatment; decrease postoperative discomfort, and make healing predictable. Lasers will become the standard of care in cosmetic dentistry because of their advantages for the patient and clinician over steel blades and electrosurgery.

With the addition of erbium lasers, procedures can be performed on the hard tooth structures that enhance bond strengths and virtually eliminate the need for anesthesia, because they are less invasive and traumatic than high-speed drills. All of these advantages will add up to patient and clinician satisfaction, but time must be spent researching the right laser for the practice and training the doctor and team. Only then will these advantages add up to delivering the best dentistry has to offer.

One use of cosmetic and aesthetic laser dentistry is the treatment of gingiva. Gingival tissues frequently need to be changed due to inflammation, irregular contours, and other reasons. Dental crowns, veneers, or bonded restorations may be placed close to the gingiva, which can cause bleeding. Bleeding in the gingiva can make impression-making and bonding procedures impossible and healing unpredictable. In these cases, laser gingivoplasty can be used to develop a new gingival sulcus, control hemorrhaging, and provide esthetic gingival contours.

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