Dental Bonding to improve your smile

Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS at 105 Powell Ct Ste 101, Nashville, TN 37027 offers some of the most popular procedures to revive smiles and boost confidence. Dental bonding is a procedure by which dentists can change the color, size, or shape of a tooth. This approach uses a tooth-colored resin that bonds using a curing light. The resulting bond will protect the dentin inside of the tooth from decay while enhancing the outside appearance.

Why Choose Dental Bonding?

Most patients who are considering dental bonding have issues like cracked or chipped teeth or oversized spaces between their teeth that can affect self-esteem and also contribute to oral health troubles. Bonding is also commonly used to change out old amalgam fillings and can also provide protection against infection to the root of a tooth with recessed gums. Dental bonding may also be used:

  • to fix cracked or decayed teeth
  • to alter the shape or size of teeth
  • to correct discolored teeth
  • To protect against gum recession

How the procedure works

Anesthesia is typically not necessary if the tooth shows a previous root canal or has any small modifications which don’t involve the dentin of the tooth. Here are the two primary methods of dental bonding:

  • Direct Composite Bonding – This method uses tooth-colored composite material to replace old fillings, fix cracked teeth, close spaces between teeth, and strengthen edges. This works well as a non- invasive procedure and a simple fix for cosmetic dental needs.
  • Adhesive Bonding – This bonding is used for crowns, bridges, porcelain veneers, and more involved procedures. Use it to adjust and shape to match other teeth and make sure they form a stunning smile.

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