Dental Implants NashvilleYour smile is one of your most important features. Without strong, healthy teeth, your ability to talk, laugh, eat, and communicate effectively is greatly reduced. Your smile is a major component in the first impression you send to the people around you, and can be a great asset when it comes to social or career opportunities. When you lose a tooth, your confidence in your appearance can decrease just as much as your ability to perform daily essential functions like talking and eating.


Cosmetic dental implants in Nashville offer the most similar tooth replacement to your original teeth. They are unique in their chewing stability, appearance, and longevity. A recent Dental Health Magazine article states that one of the biggest benefits of dental implants is that they look and feel 100% natural. You can hide the fact that you have prosthetic teeth.


In addition to a beautifully restored smile, cosmetic dental implants will give you the gift of restored peace of mind. Many Nashville patients who have worn traditional dentures report embarrassment from their instability. Because traditional dentures rest on top of the gums, they often slide around, require a diet of soft foods, and can make sucking or smacking noises. Instead of living in constant fear of embarrassment, choosing cosmetic dental implants can restore your confidence in eating, talking, and smiling again. Cosmetic dental implants are rooted into the jawbone to provide stability and permanent support.


With the busy lifestyles of today, it is hard to find time for the extra dental visits, refittings, and replacements that traditional tooth replacements often require. Once they have healed, cosmetic dental implants require only the same amount of maintenance as the rest of your teeth! Thoroughly flossing and brushing your teeth each day, in addition to regular professional dental cleanings, will keep your cosmetic dental implants strong and healthy.


To learn more about how implant dentistry can fit your lifestyle, contact Nashville Center For Aesthetic Dentistry near Nashville to schedule an initial consultation with cosmetic dentist Dr. Dennis Wells.