Got small teeth? The good news is, that may not actually be the case. Often patients whose gum line is too high can have the appearance of small teeth. A high gumline can happen as a result of genetics, health problems or even taking certain prescription drugs. Luckily, there’s a relatively simple dental procedure that can help improve the balance in your smile- gum recontouring.

How Does It Work?

Gum recontouring is only performed on your visible front teeth. The results are permanent with gums growing back in only a very few cases.

The idea of cutting away part of your gum can make many dental patients squirm but thanks to advancements in laser dentistry, gum recountouring is a near painless procedure that can usually be completed in just one visit. Nashville dentist Dr. Dennis Wells will use a dental laser to reshape your gums so that you can have a beautiful even smile. A laser is an ideal tool for this procedure because it seals the gums as it cuts and takes away the element of excess bleeding or stitches. Because there are no open wounds, it also takes less time for your gums to heal.

After your procedure you may experience some soreness or tender areas on your gums, but you should be able to manage the pain with over the counter painkillers.

Post procedure, Nashville dental patients should avoid smoking as it will slow healing. Brushing is also to be done carefully immediately after surgery as your gums will be a bit tender in the days following the procedure.

If you would like to make a change to your smile and are unhappy with the size of your teeth, talk to Dr. Dennis Wells today about gum recontouring. We also offer a number of other cosmetic dentistry procedures for giving you a beautiful smile. Give us a call today!

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