Getting The Right Dental Crown In BrentwoodIt takes an experienced cosmetic dentist to get the right crown for your smile. There are many different aspects to consider with many different materials and shades to choose from. Will the color match the rest of your teeth? Will the crown be strong enough to handle your chewing habits? This is just a couple of the questions you should ask yourself before getting a crown. Also make sure your cosmetic dental team takes the time to analyze your smile so that the money you pay isn’t wasted on dental crowns that will break or is aesthetically unpleasing.

Shading: Just like snowflakes every tooth is different from one another. This includes the shape and color. If every tooth had only one shade, dentistry would be much easier, but there can be various colors and textures within the same tooth. It takes a good eye, careful notes and a good relationship with the lab to get the best aesthetic results. If it is a front tooth it is probably worth it to you to spend the extra time and money to get porcelain crowns. However, if the tooth is in the back you may not care if it is perfect since no one will see it.

Strength: There are many different materials used in crowns. Some crowns are 100% metal others are all ceramic and still yet there are hybrids of these two. Generally you will want a crown that has a lot of strength if you are replacing a back tooth. Make sure to discuss habits such as grinding or clenching with your dentist, this may change the material he chooses for your mouth.


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