If you’re looking for cosmetic dentistry in Nashville, Brentwood TN, Franklin, Murfreesboro, and Spring Hill, dental bonding may be the right option for you. With dental bonding, your dentist can restore chipped teeth, close gaps between your teeth, and make other aesthetic improvements. Here’s what you need to know about dental bonding before making a decision.

What is Dental Bonding?

Dental bonding is a type of cosmetic dentistry that uses tooth-colored materials (resins) to improve the appearance of your teeth. The process is relatively simple and painless; it usually takes one visit to complete. During a dental bonding procedure, your dentist will apply the resin material to the surface of your tooth and then use a special light that hardens the material. Your dentist can then shape and trim the resin for an improved look.

Advantages of Dental Bonding

The main advantage of dental bonding is its affordability compared to other types of cosmetic dentistry procedures such as veneers or crowns. In addition, it’s also a relatively quick procedure with immediate results. Plus, there are no restrictions on what you can eat or drink after the procedure since there are no long-term effects from the resin used in dental bonding.

How Does Dental Bonding Work?

The first step in the process is for your dentist to choose a shade that matches the rest of your teeth so that it blends in with your natural look. Your dentist will then roughen up the surface of your tooth and apply etching gel so that the resin material will adhere properly to it. After this is done, they will apply putty-like composite material onto your tooth and shape it into an aesthetically pleasing form before curing it with an ultraviolet light or laser beam until it hardens completely. Finally, they will polish and buff away any excess material so that everything looks perfect.

Considerations For Dental Bonding

Before committing to dental bonding as a solution for improving your smile, there are some important considerations that should be taken into account. Firstly, while dental bonds are relatively affordable compared to other solutions such as veneers or crowns, they don’t last as long (around 5 years). In addition, although they can resist staining better than crowns or veneers do over time, they still aren’t as strong or durable as these solutions either due to their thinner nature when applied on teeth surfaces which makes them more prone to fractures over time if not taken care off properly by avoiding biting hard objects like ice cubes etc.. It’s important to talk with your Nashville aesthetic dentist about all aspects of this treatment before deciding if it’s right for you or not!

Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry offers quality cosmetic dentistry services including dental bonding in Brentwood TN, Franklin TN, Murfreesboro TN , Spring Hill TN & Nashville Tennessee. If you’re considering getting dental work done but want something more affordable than traditional procedures such as veneers or crowns then consider trying out dental bonding! While not quite as strong or long-lasting as its counterparts,it’s still an effective way to improve your smile at an affordable cost with immediate results! Be sure to consult with us beforehand regarding all questions regarding this service though before making any decisions! Let us help make sure you get exactly what you need!

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