At Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood TN, we know that cosmetic dentistry options like porcelain veneers are a popular way to mask and obscure stains and discoloration. They’re so popular, in fact, that patients ask us about them on an almost daily basis!

However, we also know that some patients are skeptical of one particular step in the veneer process: the loss of tooth enamel. For a traditional veneer to be applied to the surface of your teeth, a layer of enamel must first be removed in order to the restorations to adhere properly.

Due to this, the tooth structure is partially weakened. Though it’s not a common problem, many people express fears about potentially compromising the structural integrity of their smile for the sake of appearances. If this sounds like you, then DURAthin® and Micro-thin veneers might just be your best option.

What Are DURAthin® and Micro-thin Veneers?

These advanced veneers adhere to the surface of your tooth without the need for drilling or enamel removal. They consist of very thin shells of porcelain that even out cosmetic inconsistencies. Not only are they minimally invasive, but they also add a layer of protection to the surface of your teeth.

We’ve used DURAthin® and Micro-thin veneers to ‘turn back the clock’ on teeth that have become worn and small with age. It’s really almost magic! If you’ve recently had an extraction, you might be a great candidate for this procedure, as it is the perfect way to cap off a succesfull cosmetic dentistry journey.

If you want to learn more about these and other types of cosmetic dentistry procedures, we urge you to visit Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood TN. Patients also come to us for restorative dentistry and dental implants. Contact us today!

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