dental bonding in nashville tnWhat is bonding?

Tooth bonding is more straight forward than many other dental procedures at Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS – Dr. Dennis Wells. It doesn’t even usually require anesthesia, unless filling a cavity, and you shouldn’t need multiple visits. To begin with, your dentist will reference a shade guide to pick the composite resin color that most closely your natural teeth. After roughening the surface of the tooth, a liquid is applied that allows the bonding agent to stick to the tooth. Your dentist then puts the composite resin over the liquid, molds and shapes it to match the tooth, and then hardens the material with ultraviolet light. If necessary, the tooth can be further shaped after the resin hardens.

Why get bonding? Tooth bonding can fix an imperfection within a tooth. Some people use bonding to repair a chipped or decayed tooth. This procedure can also close small gaps between teeth and correct discoloration. Tooth bonding can also change the size of a tooth, as when you have a tooth that’s shorter, and you want them all to be the same length. Bonding is a fast procedure that doesn’t require any downtime. If you don’t need anesthesia, you can continue with your normal daily routine after the procedure. Typically, tooth bonding takes between 30 to 60 minutes. Some appointments may run longer depending on the complexity of the procedure.

Are there any risks? Dental bonding doesn’t have any major risks. But remember the composite resin used in bonding isn’t as strong as your natural teeth. It’s possible for the material to chip or separate from your real tooth. Chipping or breaking, however, doesn’t occur as often with a crown, veneer, or filling. A bonded tooth might chip if you eat ice, chew on hard items, or bite your fingernails. The resin also isn’t as stain-resistant as other dental materials. You may develop some discoloration if you smoke or drink a lot of coffee.

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