If you have a tooth that has one or more of the following problems, you may be a candidate for dental crowns:

·Chipped or cracked

·Severely discolored



Dental crowns are porcelain, tooth-shaped restorations that cover (or cap) damaged natural teeth. The porcelain make-up of most dental crowns is similar to natural tooth enamel in strength and aesthetics. Restoring your damaged teeth with dental crowns gives you back chewing support as well as protection from further decay from invading bacteria. In our Brentwood, TN cosmetic dentistry office, we take great care to ensure that the color and shape of the dental crowns matches your natural teeth so that they blend seamlessly into your smile.

In addition to covering damaged or broken teeth, dental crowns are also commonly used with dental implants or dental bridges. With his vast experience and expertise in cosmetic smile design, Dr. Dennis Wells can help you decide how dental crowns might fit into your plan for a more beautiful, healthy smile.

To learn more about how dental crowns can enhance your smile, call The Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS at 615-371-8878 to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Dennis Wells. We care about restoring your smile to look its best!