Dental Bridges or Dental Implants in NashvilleDental Bridge Pros and Cons

The primary advantage of a dental bridge is that it is thought to be one of the most cost-effective solutions to replace missing teeth. A second advantage is it doesn’t require grafting if bone loss is present. Third, it is a quicker solution to replace teeth. At Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry – Dennis J. Wells, DDS, 105 Powell Ct Ste 101 Nashville, TN 37027, we can help assess your situation and arrive at the best solution based on your individual needs. The most important disadvantage of using a bridge is that it places more strain on the two teeth which are attached to the bridge as endpoints. Therefore, a bridge is typically not expected to last a lifetime. A bridge also does not address any concerns about underlying structural problems such as bone loss, which will continue to spread even after the tooth replacement is resolved. A cantilevered bridge is especially notorious for placing a large amount of stress on the single tooth to which they’re joined. Maryland bridges also present problems, because of their minimal area of attachment and limited ability to absorb chewing force.

Mixed Solutions

In cases where patients have lost several teeth in a row, it’s common for dentists to use a mixed approach. For example, if all the molars are missing, a dentist will typically place an implant at one end, where there is no tooth. They then may then attach a crown at the other end to create a bridge between the implant post and the healthy crowned tooth. Similarly, a person who is missing a good number of their teeth in one section of their mouths may be a good candidate for a similar bridge-like structure that will straddle two implant posts.

Which Will Insurance Cover?

Many dental insurance companies see both implants and bridges as high-end, costly solutions, but most are likely to pay for a bridge procedure than an implant, due to the cost difference. If you are considering various treatments for your missing tooth, contact your insurance provider before making a decision. Cost is one of the most important factors when deciding which option would be right for most people.

Deciding on the Right Choice

The best thing you can do to make sure you get the right treatment for your missing tooth is to talk to your dentist to carefully weight all of the specific considerations of your situation to make the right recommendation for you, including insurance plans.

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