At Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood TN, we know that the all-points, generalized approach to cosmetic dentistry is common. The problem is that not every patient is the same! While one might benefit from tooth whitening, another might prefer porcelain veneers as a tooth brightening solution. Even if both patients choose veneers, do they go with traditional ones or DURAthin™ veneers?

These are just a few differences in an endless list of permutations! So when a practice takes a broad approach to cosmetics, either by pushing a “signature look” or offering only basic cosmetic options, a lot of patients can fall through the cracks. It’s simply too wide a net to cast!

That’s why our practice focuses on your specific issues and needs. It’s about empathy with our patients, of course. But it’s also about offering the most successful and useful cosmetic treatments possible. When you come in with a cracked tooth or a misaligned smile, the last thing you want is to feel like you’re on a conveyor belt. You don’t want to feel like a simple customer who is being ushered in and out of the practice as quickly as possible, with a quick fixed slapped on your very real issues.

We don’t take this “drive-through” approach! Instead, we sit down with you and, together, we analyze your most pressing issues and dental priorities. After assessing your dental health, we make recommendations on how to achieve your desired results in as quickly and healthy a way as possible. We don’t offer quick fixes; we focus on long-term success for you and your smile. Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood TN does our best to understand you as a person and a patient. We believe everyone deserves the chance at a bright, beautiful smile and the confidence that come with it. Our cosmetic dentistry options might be the answer! Patients also come to us for dental implants. Contact us today!

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