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Background on tooth veneers

As you look into tooth veneers, there are some things you should know, and Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells can provide you with the answers you need. The total cost of veneers is varies depending on your chosen dentist and how many of your teeth you’d like to veneer. Pose any questions you have to your dentist. It might be good to know how many veneers they have placed. Discuss your proposed goals with dental veneers. Information like this will help your dentist create the best treatment plan for you. If you have TMJ or clench and grind your teeth, ask your dentist whether a nightguard will protect super-thin veneers from chips or breaks.

Porcelain dental veneers

A porcelain veneer is a tiny white shell., and each one is “made to order” for each tooth. You may choose porcelain veneers over resin because they are:
  • Stronger than resin
  • Less likely to stain
  • Look more natural
If you choose porcelain, here’s what to expect during the process:
  1. You will get a shot to numb your mouth to numb the pain.
  2. Your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from the front and sides of your tooth before placing the veneers.
  3. The dentist will make a mold of your teeth requiring veneers.
  4. They may place a temporary veneer that you wear while you wait a few days for a lab to custom make your veneers.
  5. Once your veneers are ready, the dentist will place them on your teeth and check their fit and shape.
  6. She will remove each veneer, clean your tooth, and bond it to the tooth.

Composite resin prepless veneers 

Your dentist will make this type of veneer from the dental filling type of material and color-match it to your other teeth. You may want resin over porcelain because:
  • There is less enamel removed to place this type of veneer.
  • You can get them in one quick visit.
  • They cost less than porcelain veneers.
  • Repairs of damaged veneers are cheaper easier.
If you choose resin, here’s what to expect during the procedure:
  1. You will get a shot to numb your mouth, so you won’t feel pain.
  2. Your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from the front and sides of your tooth.
  3. Your dentist will sculpt the resin onto your directly.
  4. A special light is pointed onto the teeth to harden and bond it to your tooth.
  5. Finally, the veneers are smoothed and polished.
Let your dentist know if your bite feels funny at all since it be will correct before you leave.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells. Make an appointment to discuss the various tooth veneer options and which is right for you.


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