Porcelain Veneers vs Prepless Veneers

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Background on tooth veneers

As you look into tooth veneers, there are some things you should know, and Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells can provide you with the answers you need. The total cost of veneers is varies depending on your chosen dentist and how many of your teeth you’d like to veneer. Pose any questions you have to your dentist. It might be good to know how many veneers they have placed. Discuss your proposed goals with dental veneers. Information like this will help your dentist create the best treatment plan for you. If you have TMJ or clench and grind your teeth, ask your dentist whether a nightguard will protect super-thin veneers from chips or breaks.

Porcelain dental veneers

A porcelain veneer is a tiny white shell., and each one is “made to order” for each tooth. You may choose porcelain veneers over resin because they are:
  • Stronger than resin
  • Less likely to stain
  • Look more natural
If you choose porcelain, here’s what to expect during the process:
  1. You will get a shot to numb your mouth to numb the pain.
  2. Your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from the front and sides of your tooth before placing the veneers.
  3. The dentist will make a mold of your teeth requiring veneers.
  4. They may place a temporary veneer that you wear while you wait a few days for a lab to custom make your veneers.
  5. Once your veneers are ready, the dentist will place them on your teeth and check their fit and shape.
  6. She will remove each veneer, clean your tooth, and bond it to the tooth.

Composite resin prepless veneers 

Your dentist will make this type of veneer from the dental filling type of material and color-match it to your other teeth. You may want resin over porcelain because:
  • There is less enamel removed to place this type of veneer.
  • You can get them in one quick visit.
  • They cost less than porcelain veneers.
  • Repairs of damaged veneers are cheaper easier.
If you choose resin, here’s what to expect during the procedure:
  1. You will get a shot to numb your mouth, so you won’t feel pain.
  2. Your dentist will remove a small amount of enamel from the front and sides of your tooth.
  3. Your dentist will sculpt the resin onto your directly.
  4. A special light is pointed onto the teeth to harden and bond it to your tooth.
  5. Finally, the veneers are smoothed and polished.
Let your dentist know if your bite feels funny at all since it be will correct before you leave.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells. Make an appointment to discuss the various tooth veneer options and which is right for you.


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Laser Dentistry in Nashville

laser dentistry NashvilleNashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells currently offers laser dentistry for some cosmetic procedures. Lasers have been used by dentists for decades to treat a number of issues. Although FDA approved, laser systems have not received the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance as an alternative treatment. The ADA seal ensures to dentists that a laser device meets their standards of safety efficiency. The ADA, however, states that it is cautiously optimistic. Still, many dentists are using lasers to treat:
  • Can be used to remove decay within a tooth and prep surrounding enamel for placing of a filling.
  • They are used to reshape gums and remove bacteria during root canal procedures.
  • They can be used to extract a biopsy for testing, and to remove lesions in the mouth.
  • Lasers are obviously great for in-office teeth whitening procedures. Peroxide bleaching solution can be activated and enhanced by laser energy, speeding up the process.
How Do Lasers Work in Dentistry? All dental lasers deliver energy via light waves. They can act as a cutting instrument or vaporize tissue. And when used for teeth-whitening they act as a heat source to enhance the effect of bleaching agents. What Are the Pros and Cons? Pros Dental lasers:
  • May cause less pain so less need for anesthesia
  • Can reduce anxiety in patients who do not like drills
  • They can help minimize bleeding in soft tissue operations
  • They can help preserve healthy teeth during cavity removal
Cons Disadvantages are:
  • Cannot be used on teeth with existing fillings.
  • Cannot be used in many commonly performed dental procedures including some cavities, old fillings, or preparation for a crown.
  • Standard drills may still be needed to shape fillings, adjust, and polish teeth.
  • Lasers do not completely eliminate the need for anesthesia.
  • Laser treatment tends to be more expensive, and the cost of the laser can be much higher than a dental drill.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells. Make an appointment to determine if laser dentistry is right for you.


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Zirconia vs Titanium Tooth Implants

zirconia or titanium tooth implants in NashvillePositives and Negatives of Zirconia Implants At Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells we can help guide you to the best decision on tooth implants. According to an article in Periodontology 2000, zirconia dental implants have several advantages:

  • Zirconia bonds better with gum tissue and is more biocompatible.
  • Zirconia implants have a much lower bacterial attraction.
  • Zirconia has good strength and fracture resistance.
  • Zirconia holds up against wear and corrosion very well.
  • Zirconia is more desirable cosmetically because it matches closer to tooth color.

However, there are some drawbacks to zirconia dental implants, as the same article notes:

  • Sometimes the material can deteriorate over time and develop tiny cracks.
  • Zirconia is usually only available as a one-piece implant. If a patient requires an angled abutment to correct alignment, they may need to choose a metal option.
  • Any grinding on the surface of the implant can weaken the structure.
  • Failure rates of zirconia implants have yet to be discovered.

Pluses and Minuses of Titanium Implants There are several advantages in choosing to use a titanium implant, the article continues:

  • Titanium implants are readily available in a two-piece version, which helps to angle the crown for correct implant positioning.
  • The failure rate of titanium implants is estimated to be significantly lower than that of zirconia implants.
  • Titanium has a high resistance to corrosion and excellent biocompatibility with the bone and gum tissues.

However, there are also several disadvantages associated with titanium implants:

  • A titanium implant may fail if there is an allergic reaction to the metal.
  • Metal ions released from titanium can cause local inflammation and irritation in some patients.
  • If the tissue around the implant is thin, the dark metal may show through.

With proper maintenance, titanium or zirconia dental implants can last for many years, typically for at least five years, but most are likely to have a much longer life. To increase the lifespan of your implant, keep up with a regular oral hygiene routine, avoid smoking, and get regular dental checkups. Choosing the right implant material for you is an important decision. Discuss your options with your dental professional, and make sure you speak to your insurance provider as well in order to find the best solution.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells. Make an appointment to determine which tooth implant type is right for you.


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Ceramic and Porcelain Tooth Crowns

Dental tooth crowns Brentwood TNTypes of ceramic or full-porcelain crowns

Tooth crowns are not all the same, and different types are mentioned here. Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells at 105 Powell Ct Ste 101 Nashville, TN 37027. Make an appointment to determine which type of crown is right for you.
  • Feldspathic porcelain is the most common type used and is thought to be the most beautiful.
  • Empress tooth crown looks almost like glass although it’s ceramic.
  • Procera crown is a bit of a hybrid. It is made with a ceramic inside along with traditional porcelain on the outside and is very strong.
  • Lava crown is made with translucent Zirconia on the inside and looks beautiful due to a baked outside layer.
  • Zirconia crowns look very natural and do not reveal a black line that other crowns at the gum line.
  • Emax crowns are a popular current type.
These crowns are suitable for people who are allergic to metals.

Advantages of these crowns

  • They are transparent and natural with an aesthetic appeal
  • There are no allergic reactions with a reduced sensitivity
  • Great alignment inside your mouth
  • Any final form correction is possible
  • Best for patients who have reduced space but want a natural look


  • The overall procedure can be complicated and expensive
  • They can be less durable than other types and vulnerable to cracking

The Procedure

The procedure for fitting these crowns is similar to that of any other crown:
  • The tooth needs to be cleaned, reshaped, and prepared for treatment.
  • The tooth is also a little tapered so that the crown can snugly fit on top.
  • Using dental putty, an impression of the tooth is taken.
  • This mold is then sent to the lab to fabricate a new crown.
  • In the meantime, the patient gets a temporary.
  • A period of 2-3 weeks is required before the crown is ready.
  • Then the patient’s tooth is fitted with the new crown.
  • Your dentist roughs up the surface to make a solid fit.
  • After the desired fitting is obtained, the crown is firmly fixed with the help of dental cement.
  • Care must be taken to avoid grinding, biting into hard foodstuffs, and clenching.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells. Make an appointment to determine which tooth crown is right for you.


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Is Teeth Whitening for You?

  Teeth Whitening Brentwood and Nashville TNProfessional teeth whitening seems to be the most popular solution for stained teeth, but is it your best option? Teeth are either bleached in your dentist’s office or at home with provided tools. Determining factors such as poor gum health and existing dental work may make other methods better solutions. Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells can help you get the information you need to make an informed decision.

Who Is a Good Candidate for Professional Whitening? Professional bleaching is a good answer for most people with permanent teeth and good oral health. Additionally, if you do not have tender or receding gums, bleaching should be fine. It works well to eradicate stubborn, yellowish stains, however, the American Dental Association states that brown and gray stains do not always whiten well. Patients with previous work to front teeth, tooth-colored fillings, and crowns are also not good candidates. Your dentist can tell you if you are a good candidate or what other options might be available for you.

What Are Other Options? Overall if your teeth and gums are healthy, you will probably get a green light for professional whitening. As mentioned, people who have gum disease may be told to avoid bleaching treatments, as the chemicals used can irritate gums and sensitive teeth. Even if you don’t qualify for professional whitening, you can always start with a professional cleaning. Patients with porcelain crowns, caps, and other restorative work to the front teeth do not qualify, but there are excellent alternatives. Fortunately, your dentist will still likely be able to improve the appearance of your teeth. Porcelain veneers or bonding can help you to get a nice-looking smile that you can be proud of. The higher cost of professional bleaching can also be a limiting factor and there may be easier and less expensive ways to remove your stains. For minor discoloration, professional cleaning and the use of whitening toothpaste in between office visits may be all that you need to keep your sparkling smile. You can also talk to your dentist about over-the-counter whitening kits like strips and gels. These products are not as harsh as professional treatments and they are a less expensive option.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells. Make an appointment to determine if professional teeth whitening is right for you.


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Why Full Arch Implants?

tooth colored fillings Nashville TNWhy Full Arch Implants? Full-arch dental implants are a solution for patients who are missing most or all of their teeth and want to rebuild their entire set of teeth for better function and appearance, and as an option besides traditional dentures, which can cause problems slipping and getting cleaned properly. Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells can help you get the information you need to make an informed decision on full arch implants as opposed to dentures.

The Procedure Implants are placed through a series of visits over a few months. The first goal is to install several titanium “screw” implants into the jawbone to act as anchors for the replacement “teeth.” This initial task may be performed on the upper, lower arch, or both. Your dentist will ultimately determine the ideal placement and number of implants for each individual patient.

Over the next months, these anchors will fuse to the jawbone, heal, and strengthen. After this healing period, small posts called abutments are attached to the implants as a platform for the new tooth crowns. The patient is then fitted for replacement crowns that look and feel exactly like real teeth and are installed during the next appointment. Implant surgery is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under local or general anesthesia. An entire full-arch restoration process needs multiple office visits and can take as long as a year to complete, depending on each patient’s unique case.

Recovery Most people find that full arch implants look and feel just like their regular teeth. They are strong, durable, long-lasting, and allow patients to enjoy restored function, ongoing dental health, and the feeling of a beautiful smile. You should be able to eat, drink, and speak normally after treatment. Implants, including the dentures, crowns, or bridges used, should be taken care of in the same way as regular teeth, with regular brushing, flossing, and checkups. Patients should always practice good oral hygiene and see their dentist on a regular basis.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells to help you decide.


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Implant-Supported Restorations

Implant-supported restorationsHow Do Implant-supported Restorations Work? Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells at 105 Powell Ct Ste 101 Nashville, TN 37027, is happy to spend time with you to discuss how these restorations work, and if you are a good candidate for them.

The primary function of implant-supported dentures or bridges is much the same as traditional implants. First, a titanium implant is surgically screwed in the jawbone and allowed to fuse with the surrounding bone, to serve as an artificial tooth root. What makes the implant-supported full-arch special is the fact that a relatively small number of implants are required to support the replacement of all 16 teeth in the arch.

Therefore, you can get the same sort of aesthetic and strength as in traditional implants for a fraction of the cost on a too-by-tooth basis. A big difference is a manner in which full arch implants are placed. In the case of All-on-4 variety, two anterior implants are placed near the front of the mouth, and two posterior implants are placed farther behind. The anterior is inserted in a traditional, straight manner, whereas the posteriors are tilted at a 45-degree angle. The reason for this is to avoid the need for a bone graft. Such grafts are relatively common if the patient does not have enough bone density to support an implant. The angled posterior placement of All-on-4 and other implant-supported full arch restorations, therefore, helps simplify the procedure and reduce costs by taking bone grafts out of the equation.

Am I a Candidate? If you’re in need of mouth reconstruction, then an implant-supported dental solution like All-in-4 or Teeth Tomorrow could be the perfect solution. In order to determine whether you are a candidate, you need to schedule a consultation with a dentist that has experience performing implant-supported procedures. If you already wear removable dentures, you may have experienced bone or gum loss that must first be addressed before a transition to a fixed implant-supported solution. Your dentist will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine whether an implant-supported solution is right for you, or whether you may benefit from another restorative solution.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells to help you decide.


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Teeth Whitening at Home vs. Professional

Are you looking for a whiter smile? You’ve got two options – professional teeth bleaching done by a dentist, or at-home solutions. Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells in Brentwood, TN can answer your questions. Brentwood teeth whiteningEach option has its pros and cons, but at-home tooth-bleaching kits can be a bit tricky, so be sure to speak with your dentist before going this route. Good results are not guaranteed, and bleaching will not whiten porcelain crowns or composite tooth-colored bondings, so results can be patchy. Professional Tooth Whitening Whitening performed by your dentist can usually make your teeth brighter more quickly. The bleaching solution used by dentists is usually much stronger than at-home kits. Also, your dentist may use heat or light to speed up and intensify the whitening process. The most dramatic results — teeth generally get three to eight shades brighter — usually take several 30- to 60-minute in-office visits. Some dentists use procedures that can even be done in a single 2-hour appointment. The cost of professional tooth whitening can range from $500 to $1,000.

At-Home Teeth Whitening Kits

While there are many choices for whitening your teeth at home, the most common include:
  • Teeth whitening gels. Gels are applied onto your teeth with a brush or can be attached with a thin strip. These are peroxide bleaching solutions that need to be applied once or twice a day for 10 to 14 days. Your tooth results can last four or more months, and these products may cost between $10 to $55.
  • Teeth bleaching systems. These solutions use a mouthguard-like tray that is filled with a peroxide-based bleaching gel. It is then placed over the teeth and held for one to several hours a day for up to four weeks. You can buy these tray-based teeth whitening products over the counter or have one custom-fitted by your dentist. The cost can range from $150 to $600.
  • Teeth whitening toothpaste.  Whitening toothpaste contains chemicals or polishing agents that help scrub stains from teeth, without the addition of a bleaching agent. Tooth-whitening toothpaste is relatively inexpensive and brightens teeth by about one shade.

Keeping Your Teeth White

Whether you end up choosing an at-home teeth-whitening system or you decide to get them bleached by your dentist, make sure to maintain the results through brushing and flossing daily. Also, avoid foods and beverages such as:
  • Black tea, coffee
  • Wine
  • Sports drinks
  • Soda pop
  • Berries
  • Sauces

Teeth Whitening: Why You Should Talk to Your Dentist

Teeth bleaching can make teeth sensitive — or be painful for people with sensitive teeth. When used incorrectly, home kits can also lead to burned — even temporarily bleached — gums. It works best for people with yellow teeth and is less effective for people with brown or gray teeth. Overall, teeth whitening is worth the time and money, but talk to your dentist before you use an over-the-counter tooth whitening kit and review all options before purchasing.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells to help you decide.


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Dental Bridges Can Still be a Good Solution

Dental Bridges or Dental Implants in NashvilleDental Bridge Pros and Cons

The primary advantage of a dental bridge is that it is thought to be one of the most cost-effective solutions to replace missing teeth. A second advantage is it doesn’t require grafting if bone loss is present. Third, it is a quicker solution to replace teeth. At Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, 105 Powell Ct Ste 101 Nashville, TN 37027, we can help assess your situation and arrive at the best solution based on your individual needs. The most important disadvantage of using a bridge is that it places more strain on the two teeth which are attached to the bridge as endpoints. Therefore, a bridge is typically not expected to last a lifetime. A bridge also does not address any concerns about underlying structural problems such as bone loss, which will continue to spread even after the tooth replacement is resolved. A cantilevered bridge is especially notorious for placing a large amount of stress on the single tooth to which they’re joined. Maryland bridges also present problems, because of their minimal area of attachment and limited ability to absorb chewing force.

Mixed Solutions

In cases where patients have lost several teeth in a row, it’s common for dentists to use a mixed approach. For example, if all the molars are missing, a dentist will typically place an implant at one end, where there is no tooth. They then may then attach a crown at the other end to create a bridge between the implant post and the healthy crowned tooth. Similarly, a person who is missing a good number of their teeth in one section of their mouths may be a good candidate for a similar bridge-like structure that will straddle two implant posts.

Which Will Insurance Cover?

Many dental insurance companies see both implants and bridges as high-end, costly solutions, but most are likely to pay for a bridge procedure than an implant, due to the cost difference. If you are considering various treatments for your missing tooth, contact your insurance provider before making a decision. Cost is one of the most important factors when deciding which option would be right for most people.

Deciding on the Right Choice

The best thing you can do to make sure you get the right treatment for your missing tooth is to talk to your dentist to carefully weight all of the specific considerations of your situation to make the right recommendation for you, including insurance plans.

Contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry – Dr. Dennis Wells to help you decide.


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Differences Between CEREC and Porcelain Dental Crowns

dental crowns in nashvilleTooth crowns can potentially cover a lot of dental problems including gaps, cracks, and misaligned teeth. At Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, 105 Powell Ct Ste 101 Nashville, TN 37027, this procedure used to require two dental visits over several weeks to get a smile overhauled. However, with new technology, you can now be fitted with same-day crowns using CEREC technology, which will ensure that new teeth are manufactured and fitted on the same day. However, there are a lot of people who are skeptical of new technology. One of the major questions people ask is whether there is any dental difference between traditional procedures and the same-day CEREC procedure. The answer is yes.

Differences Between the Types of Crowns:

  1. Procedures

A traditional procedure requires two appointments and a few weeks of waiting. The first appointment involves a consultation during which the dentist will get an impression of your tooth. professionals at a dental lab will use this impression to create a crown that resembles the structure of your natural tooth. The process can take several weeks. However, a same-day CEREC crown uses CAM-CAD technology to fabricate a crown in the dentist’s office. So, you don’t have to wait to get your new teeth.

  1. Materials Used

CEREC crowns are made exclusively from ceramic, whereas traditional crowns use a variety of materials including ceramic, porcelain, metal, and porcelain-fused-to-metal. Crowns that use metal are very strong, as metal bonds very well tooth dentin.

  1. Durability

While craftsmen in lab manufacture traditional crowns and the final product is a lot stronger than same-day crowns made via CEREC. Additionally, materials like leucite-reinforced ceramic or porcelain-fused-to-metal can only be used to make traditional crowns, so they are stronger and more durable. However, these materials are not as nice looking as ceramic, so they are not ideal for a crown on your front teeth.

  1. Temporary Crowns

When traditional crowns are chosen as a solution, a patient will get temporary crowns placed, while waiting for the permanent ones to be fabricated. Temporaries have a couple of disadvantages like being uncomfortable and shifting in your mouth. Most do not fit very well, and tooth decay is more likely because food can get trapped under the temporary. Same-day crowns have eliminated the need for temporaries as you can get fitted crowns in one appointment.

  1. Details

Same-day CEREC crowns are aesthetically pleasing and quite natural-looking. But if you want a front tooth that exactly matches its neighbors, a standard crown hand-made from ceramic or porcelain can do the trick. There will never be anything to replace manual fabrication by an expert craftsman who is gifted with aesthetic abilities.

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