Do you feel self-conscious about a damaged or missing tooth? Your smile is an important feature that you use to smile, laugh, talk, and eat daily. Having a complete set of healthy, strong teeth adds to your quality of life and helps you feel good about yourself. If you have a damaged or lost tooth in Nashville, a dental crown can provide you with a new tooth that replicates a natural tooth in aesthetics, chewing support, and protection.

Aesthetic: A dental crown is most commonly molded out of a porcelain material that replicates the translucent quality of natural tooth enamel. No one needs to know you have a prosthetic tooth! As a highly experienced Nashville cosmetic dentist, Dr. Dennis Wells ensures that the contours and shading of the dental crown are to your liking. He takes time to make sure that the dental crown fits seamlessly into your smile and that the bite is just right.


Chewing support: Chewing support is one of the biggest losses with a missing or broken tooth. Over the last several years, the materials that are used to mold the dental crown have been made stronger so that you can continue to eat foods that you love.


Protection: A dental crown is designed to ‘cap’ an existing tooth or a dental implant. It completely fits over the top and is bonded into place. For an existing tooth that is broken, decayed, or cracked, the dental crown provides important protection from bacteria that might cause further damage.


Versatile: Depending on your situation, a dental crown can be used in a wide range of Nashville dental restorations. It is often used to cap a severely broken or damaged tooth. For a tooth that can’t be saved or that has fallen out, a dental crown provides the tooth restoration above a dental implant or as a support in dental bridges. A dental crown can also be used to cap a root canal for protection.


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