Perfect teeth from Dr Dennis Wells in Nashville, TNYour smile has a huge impact on your life: on the way that others perceive you, and even the way you perceive yourself. You can improve any aspect of your smile with cosmetic dentistry from the Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood TN.

Cosmetic dentistry refers to a range of dental procedures that address the appearance of your smile. But it isn’t all about appearance: as many as one third of all young adults say that their teeth give them difficulty in chewing or biting.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Help

There are sound dental techniques that can reshape, brighten, and even replace your teeth. If you’ve ever wondered what procedures can improve your smile, consider any of the following:

  • Teeth whitening. Nothing can brighten your smile like professional teeth whitening. We have two options: an in-office procedure that can transform your smile in a single appointment, and a take-home kit that lets you proceed at your own pace. Both deliver incredible results!
  • Porcelain veneers. State of the art DURAthin™ Veneers and Micro-thin Veneers veneers, developed in part by our own Dr. Wells, give you a gorgeous smile without having to remove any tooth enamel. We also offer traditional porcelain veneers.
  • Dental implants. Titanium posts inserted into the jaw fuse with the bone to provide a rock-solid support for one or more artificial teeth. They look and function like the real thing!
  • Dental crowns. This versatile option can change the color or shape of a tooth. They’re also great for protecting teeth that have been weakened or damaged by decay, and are excellent for covering dental work like fillings or a root canal.

Cosmetic dentistry from the Nashville Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood TN can give you a smile that is beautiful and long-lasting. Please visit our smile gallery to see what we can do, and call to schedule an appointment today!

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