Dental Crowns and Onlays Mean No Metal in Your Mouth!

At Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, we want to create and maintain smiles that are not only beautiful, but functional as well. We have many clients with old amalgam (metal) fillings or dental crowns who are looking for an upgrade. No one likes flashing silver when they smile, even if the metal is in the back of your mouth.

What Are Porcelain Crowns? Picture1 Picture2

Porcelain crowns are “caps” or coverings that are placed over damaged or decayed teeth. They look and feel just like natural teeth and are made to match the color of surrounding teeth. A porcelain crown from Dr. Dennis J. Wells and Dr. Daniel K. Weese is indistinguishable from your real teeth!

What Are Onlays?

Onlays are a tooth restoration option that is usually suggested when the decay or damage in a tooth is too large for a traditional filling, but small enough not to require a full crown. Onlays are fabricated in our dental lab and are also called “indirect fillings” or “partial crowns.” An onlay is made of composite resin or porcelain and is shaped to restore the damaged or missing part of the tooth. It is bonded to the tooth and restores the tooth’s natural shape and function.

In both crown placement and onlay procedures, the tooth is first prepared—old restorations are removed and any remaining decay is cleaned out. onlay 2Temporary crowns or onlays are placed as the permanent restorations are being fabricated. A second visit happens several weeks later during which the final restoration is placed and the bite is fine-tuned.

We hope this has answered some of your questions about crowns and onlays, some of the most common tools we use in performing extreme makeovers and creating beautiful smiles for our Brentwood and Nashville patients. If you have questions or would like to discuss your smile and dental goals, contact Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry today!

Dr. Dennis J. Wells and Dr. Daniel K. Weese
Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry
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Dental Health and Overall Health: What You Should Know

aesthetic dentistry BrentwoodHow are you feeling these days? Are you exercising regularly, eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep? The research just keeps flooding in about how a healthy lifestyle can add years to your life, keep you out of the hospital, help you feel more energetic, and even relieve depression and anxiety. Did you know that another important part of your overall health is your oral health?

It’s easy to think that tooth troubles stay in your mouth. The truth is, though, that oral disease can lead to sickness in other parts of the body, too. The latest studies have been showing a strong link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease. That means someone who doesn’t take care of their gums is at a higher risk of heart attacks, heart failure, and chest pain.

WHY is gum disease linked to heart disease? We’re not sure, but research suggests that the bacteria in your mouth can get into your blood stream when you have gum disease and cause your body to respond defensively, increasing inflammation. The bacteria can travel from the mouth to the heart or to other vital organs in the body, causing inflammation where they land.

Don’t worry, though. Gum disease is easy to prevent. Here are a few tips:

  1. Brush your teeth every day, twice a day, with a soft toothbrush. Try to brush for at least two minutes. Not sure how long you brush? Set a timer—you might find you brush for less time than you think.
  2. Floss every day. It’s okay to only do this once a day. Use an interdental cleaner like floss, a water flosser, or an inter-dental toothbrush.
  3. Don’t forget to pick toothpaste with fluoride in it. Many kinds of toothpaste are specifically formulated with anti-inflammatory properties, and these are great for fighting gum disease.
  4. Visit your Nashville or Brentwood dentist every six months for a regular cleaning and checkup. This is crucial to get a thorough cleaning that you can’t do at home, to review oral hygiene and tips, to discuss worries or potential issues that have arisen, and to get your dentist’s mark of approval. It’s the only sure-fire way to know that you are free of gum disease and have a healthy mouth.

If you think you might have gum disease, it’s important to make an appointment with Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry right away to get treatment and avoid serious oral and systemic health complications. Common symptoms of gum disease include the following:

  • Chronic bad breath
  • Gum tenderness
  • Bleeding gums
  • Gums that seem to pull away from teeth
  • Teeth feeling loose
  • Teeth falling out

When gum disease advances to the most serious stages, teeth can be lost, damaged, and infected. Many of our restorative dental patients at Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry have lost or damaged teeth due to gum disease.

Luckily, there are myriad restorative and cosmetic dental options to bring back your smile’s former beauty and health. As a quick sampling, these procedures include gum disease treatment, crowns, dental implants, porcelain veneers, and fillings. To learn more about how restorative and cosmetic dentistry can restore your smile and oral health, visit our website at

Information was accessed on the following website oan 06/02/2015:

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Overbites And Underbites in Brentwood

Overbites And Underbites When the upper part of the jaw and the lower part of the jaw are not the same size, bite problems can occur. When the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw, it is called an overbite. When the reverse is true, it is called an underbite. Another related alignment disorder is called a crossbite. Crossbites occur when lower teeth are in the wrong position. They may be incorrectly positioned sideways, forward or backward.

Malocclusion (literally ‘bad bite’) is the term used for all types of bite problems including overbites, underbites and crossbites. Jaw alignment disorders can cause a range of problems and often prohibit proper chewing and/or swallowing. Teeth can shift around in the mouth, causing even more discomfort or difficulty. Gum disease and tooth decay are also harder to prevent because proper oral hygiene can be difficult with a malocclusion. TMJ disorder can develop over time. Distorted facial shape and unattractive teeth are often the most noticeable and troubling issues for those affected.

Fortunately, there are a variety of effective treatments for bite problems. If you suspect your child has a bite misalignment, it is especially important to have them examined as early as possible. By starting early, you can make sure they avoid years of pain and self-consciousness.

Call Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry at (615) 866-5151. Doctor Dennis Wells, DDS is experienced in diagnosing bite disorders in patients of all ages. We can create a successful treatment plan for you. We also perform DURAthin dental veneers and dental implants for Nashville area dental clients.

Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

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Periodontal Disease in Tennessee

Periodontal disease in Tennessee is more common than you might think and can be cured with varying degrees of treatment depending on the severity.Periodontal Disease

What is periodontal disease? According to this article on Wikipedia, periodontal disease is ‘the name of a collection of inflammatory diseases affecting the tissues that surround and support the teeth.’

Periodontal disease, more commonly called ‘gum disease’, is an inflammation or infection of the gums. Periodontal disease can be very painful in some extreme conditions and can limit your ability to eat normally. In some cases, periodontal disease can affect your smile and can create cosmetic concerns.

If left untreated, periodontal disease can cause irreversible damage. When caught early and treated, periodontal disease can be little more than an inconvenience. However, the best policy is to practice good dental hygiene to keep periodontal disease at bay.

One of the best ways to avoid periodontal disease is to get a regular dental check up at your local Brentwood dentist.

Give us a call at (615) 866-5151 to schedule your next dental checkup; we look forward to seeing you.

— Dennis Wells

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Brentwood Tooth Whitening For Whiter Smile

Brentwood cosmetic dentist When it comes to cosmetic dentistry in Brentwood, tooth whitening is one of the easiest and rewarding procedures. There are also a lot of tooth whitening options for those of us in the Nashville area. How do you find a good tooth whitening procedure in Brentwood?

Visiting your local Brentwood dentist is a good start!

Whitening your teeth is an advanced dental procedure that you won’t want to get wrong on the first try. That’s why I always recommend a visit to Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry (our dental practice) to visit with me and talk about it. I’m Dennis Wells, and as a Brentwood Doctor, I am not only experienced with tooth whitening procedures, but care about your teeth and your smile. I can recommend tooth whitening procedures based on your age, dental hygiene, and personal goals.

Most importantly, I can help you assess the condition of your teeth and help you understand what to expect and how to care for your teeth once they are whitened.

Many of our Brentwood patients ask about tooth whitening. In fact it is one of our most popular dental procedures. There are many tooth whitening options, ranging from the kind you will perform at home to professional tooth whitening procedures we can do right here in our Brentwood dental office. The one best for you can depend on many factors, starting with the color of your teeth and how white you want your teeth to be after the procedure.

Consulting with your Brentwood dentist before you begin a tooth whitening procedure has several advantages. Among the advantages are professional care, experienced advice, and reliable recommendations for which tooth whitening procedure will be best for you.

If you are contemplating a tooth whitening procedure, and you live in the Nashville, come in and visit with me for just a few minutes. We’ll discuss your goals, the options that are available to you, and the results you can expect. You will be much happier with your results with the advantage of professional advice.

I look forward to hearing from you.

-Dennis Wells, Doctor, (615) 866-5151

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Choosing A Dentist In Brentwood

Choosing A Dentist In Brentwood The American Dental Association offers some welcome advice for choosing a dentist in Brentwood. We have already talked about how word of mouth is an important factor in how many people find a dentist. Here are some things you should look for in an Brentwood dentist:

Location is always a factor when choosing a dentist in Brentwood. If you live in the Brentwood, Tennessee area, there are many options, and most Brentwood locations are not too far out of the way. While location plays an important role in convenience, many people are willing to drive a little farther for a better experience with their dentist.

Relationship is a strong factor. Your Brentwood dentist should be approachable, and should make you feel comfortable when you are in the dentist chair. After all, your dentist will be working very close with you to help you achieve a high level of oral hygiene; you most certainly will want to have a good, professional, comfortable relationship with your Brentwood dentist and the dental office staff.

Specialty is another important factor in choosing a dentist in Brentwood. Some dentists specialize in cosmetic dentistry. Others specialize in corrective dentistry such as braces. Depending on your need, you may select a dentist who can solve your immediate concern. Keep in mind, however, that it is good to have a general dentist who can maintain your dental history and work with you through the years.

If you are looking for a dentist in Brentwood, please come by and speak with me. I can address your interest in any of these critical areas, and will be happy to introduce you to Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry.

I look forward to meeting you.

-Dennis Wells, DDS

(615) 866-5151

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There Is More Than One Way to Crack a Tooth!

Nashville restorative dentistryOne of the things our patients notice  about Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry is just how detail-oriented Dr. Dennis Wells and Dr. Daniel Weese are when they are restoring teeth with procedures such as dental crowns and bridges.

When they are describing a cracked tooth, it is important for them to be specific and to identify the types of cracked teeth that can happen. Here is a list of five different ways you can have a cracked tooth:

  1. Cracked. A cracked tooth is usually caused by some kind of trauma or tooth grinding. It involves a crack that starts at the chewing surface of the teeth and extends into the tooth toward the root. The tooth pulp is often damaged, and a root canal is usually needed. After the root canal, a full dental crown is placed by your Nashville cosmetic dentist to protect the tooth from further damage.
  2. Craze lines. These are very common, almost microscopic cracks in the enamel of the teeth. The superficial cracks usually don’t go any farther than the enamel and do not affect the health of the teeth. Craze lines don’t usually affect oral health or require treatment, although it’s a good idea to schedule twice-yearly dental appointments with your local Brentwood dentist to have them watched.
  3. Fractured cusp. In layman’s terms, the “cusp” of a tooth is basically a bump that sticks out and helps you chew your food. Your bicuspids have two cusps (see what they did there?). Your molars usually have four or five cusps. A “fractured cusp” means that a cusp weakens and either breaks off or needs to be removed by your Nashville dentist. Depending on the extent of the break, the tooth’s pulp may or may not be affected. Sometimes a root canal is needed, and in either case the tooth is usually restored with a beautiful and natural-looking dental crown.
  4. Split. These are most often caused by ignoring a cracked tooth. If a cracked tooth is not treated, the crack can grow and spread until the tooth actually splits. These can be extremely painful, and the tooth cannot be saved completely intact. Depending on where and how extreme the split is, a portion of the tooth can often be saved.
  5. Vertical root fracture. This is one of the most extreme (and least common) kinds of cracks. A vertical root fracture is where the tooth breaks up the middle, starting at the root and going out toward the surface of the tooth. Sometimes the tooth can be saved with endodontic surgery, but this kind of fracture often requires extraction. Luckily, these make up less than 5% of fractures in Tennessee.

As you can see, there is more than one way to split a tooth! If you have a cracked, split, fractured, or otherwise damaged tooth and live in the Nashville area, please come in and see us as soon as possible. The earlier we can treat the problem, the better your outcome will be. Call us at 615-866-5151 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Dennis Wells and Dr. Daniel Weese.


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Brentwood Dental Emergencies

Brentwood Dental Emergencies Many people will experience at least one tooth emergency in their life. You could break a tooth playing a sport, accidentally dislodge a crown, experience sudden pain caused by an abscess or break a wire on your braces. In the case of a dental emergency, see your Brentwood dentist as soon as possible!

Following are some immediate treatments:
Broken Tooth: Save any tooth fragments. Rinse mouth with warm water. If the area is bleeding, apply a piece of gauze. A cold compress held on the cheek can reduce swelling and lessen pain. Visit your Brentwood dentist as soon as you can.

Lost Filling: Save the filling if you can. It can help your dentist determine why it came out. Do not let food get stuck in the hole left by the filling. Do not chew on the tooth. Brush it gently. Call your Brentwood dentist’s office to schedule an emergency appointment right away.

Displaced Crowns: If there is pain, you may apply a dab of clove oil with a Q-tip to the affected tooth (a common home remedy that may reduce pain). Save the crown. If you can’t see your Brentwood dentist immediately, you can apply dental cement (available at drugstores) or denture adhesive to temporarily re-attach the crown until you can get to your Brentwood dentist. Do not use other types of glue or adhesive.

By visiting your Brentwood dentist as soon as possible, you avoid pain, infection and possible further tooth damage. If you delay treatment, even for a few days, you risk needing more extensive treatment later.

For dental emergencies in and around Nashville, call Dennis Wells at Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry. Our phone number is (615) 866-5151

Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry

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A Better Smile Can Be Yours, Nashville

Wells (1)

Hi, I’m Dr. Dennis Wells, a Nashville cosmetic dentist with more than 30 years of experience. I love helping my patients leave my office with their smiles restored and rejuvenated. But as much as I appreciate my patients, I would prefer to see them a lot less often – because it would mean their teeth were healthier!

Here at Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry in Brentwood, I specialize in creating brighter, whiter, straighter, more beautiful smiles. This often includes restoring teeth that are damaged or missing due to disease, decay, or injury.

I am passionate about providing tooth restoration, including dental bridges, crowns, veneers, and dental implants. But I am even more passionate about preventing the maladies that can lead people to my office in the first place.

So what can you do to keep your teeth strong and healthy?

  1. Brush and floss daily. In a perfect world, you would brush your teeth not only morning and night, but also after meals. I know many of my patients can’t get around to brushing that often, but twice daily is a good compromise.And remember, flossing is just as important as brushing. It removes plaque in hard-to-reach places and prevents gum disease.
  2. Eat a healthy diet.Limit sugar intake and snacking between meals. Put down the energy drink or soda and replace it with a refreshing glass of water. Try to couple acidic foods (like oranges and other fruits) with less acidic foods (like cheese and milk) to balance the acids in your mouth that can lead to tooth decay.
  3. See your Nashville hygienist for your customized cleanings and checkups. This can prevent common problems because they will be caught early on when they are easier (and less painful) to treat. Don’t wait until it hurts to see your dentist!
  4. Ask us questions! If something is bothering you about your teeth or mouth, don’t be afraid to ask your dentist. For instance, if you notice that you wake up with a tight, painful jaw in the mornings, ask about it – you might be grinding your teeth, and your Brentwood dentist can give you a night guard to prevent related tooth problems. That was just one example, but it’s a common one. Just remember: we like questions. They can prevent needing dental work later on!

This was just a quick overview of things you can do to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. If you have any questions or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to give Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry a call at (615)371-8878. Set up an appointment to discuss your oral health and what we can do for you.

Dr. Dennis J. Wells, DDS
Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry
105 Powell Ct Ste 101
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 371-8878


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Making Nashville Smiles White and Bright

If you are like many of my Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry patients you have sipped one too many dark beverages such as coffee, soda, and red wine; and now your teeth are dark and dingy. Our mission is making the smiles of all Nashville residents white and bright. My name is Dr. Dennis J. Wells, DDS, and today we are going to talk about ways to enhance your beautiful smile.

Maybe as a self-conscious teen you were prescribed tetracycline to combat acne, but have now been left with discolored teeth. Or maybe the municipal water you drank growing up had excessive fluoride, another cause of tarnished teeth.

One of the options we recommend at Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry for treating discolored teeth are dental veneers, which are sometimes called porcelain laminates. The reason I recommend veneers is that veneers not only restore discolored teeth, but they can also cover worn, chipped, and cracked teeth.3

This is done by placing a thin composite of porcelain over the damaged tooth or teeth leaving a gorgeous, white, flawless smile. At Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry we feel that porcelain veneers are the least invasive form of cosmetic dentistry, yet the results are stunning. The smiles of our happy Nashville veneer patients are dazzling.

We also offer teeth whitening, dental restorations and invisible braces. Come see why the residents of Brentwood have been improving their smiles at Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry.

Dr. Dennis J. Wells, DDS
Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry
105 Powell Ct Ste 101
Brentwood, TN 37027
(615) 823-2918


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Dr. Wells has been an accredited member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry since 1994, and serves on the review board as an examiner for other dentists seeking their cosmetic dentistry accreditation.

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Award Winning Dentistry award for cosmetic dentistry in Nashville Tennessee and Brentwood
  • 2008 AACD Outstanding Scientific Advancement in Cosmetic Dentistry Award
  • Selected as one of the Top Dentists in America - 2005 and 2010
  • 2001 AACD Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Art and Science of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • 2005 Entrepreneur Award
  • Crown Council Best Dentist to Work For - 2008
Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry
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At the Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry, we help patients achieve beautiful smiles with cosmetic dentistry! Call today to meet with Dr. Wells and get started on your journey to the smile you've always wanted here in Brentwood Tennessee! Nashville Center for Aesthetic Dentistry - Dennis J. Wells, DDS
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